Answers to Frequent Questions

Check out a few of the common questions we get about our process, what it’s like to work with Wolfe Solutions, and how our solutions will benefit you. If you have a question that you don’t see listed below, please let us know. (link to email.) Someone else probably has the same question and could benefit from seeing it listed here.
Q. What is makes your Accounting Solutions different from the rest?
A. We believe that harnessing the electronic flow of information and communication enables the entire accounting office to operate more efficiently. By employing technology, we can remove redundancy, improve information flow, and automate accounting so that processes can be implemented quickly and effectively, instantaneously making any accounting department better.
Q. What accounting software do you use?
A. Our process currently supports Xero – Beautiful Accounting Software™ and QuickBooks®. However, we are flexible and knowledgeable about most accounting software programs available. If we are a good fit with your organization, we can operate within your preferred program. After all, it’s not the software; it’s the people and the process that deliver results!
Authorization & Approvals
Q. Do you pay my bills for me?
A. Yes, we can pay your bills for you, if that’s the solution your company needs. With our system, we establish the process. Approvals and payments of invoices are controlled from any Internet-enabled device so that you can see a complete audit trail and have real-time access to invoice information just as you would expect. The process is safe, secure, and efficient, providing cutting edge information and automation to your accounts payable. And, if you need to cut a manual check, go ahead. We can figure it out!
Q. Are my information and money secure?
A. Absolutely! In fact, they are more secure than they’ve ever been because we take the bill pay feature to the web, which allows you real-time access to every report, expense, and check cut or received. We are professionals and we take our core values (link to Core Values page) very seriously.
Q. How do you handle small, immaterial transactions?
A. No detail is too small! We answer all questions and touch all balances, regardless of size. We love the details! In short, there is no such thing as a transaction too small, so we treat any transaction like the most important transaction you have.
Q. Aren’t I giving up control by engaging Wolfe Solutions?
A. Actually, you have more control of your business by using our team of professionals with less overhead and less time spent weeding through the minutiae. We respect the vendor and customer process, and we work with you to manage your cash. We provide consistent and constant reporting as well as offer you unlimited, real-time access to our team and your reports. We strive for total transparency so that you can rest easy knowing that your business information is being handled professionally, ethically, and with your company’s best interest at the forefront.
Reporting & Communication
Q. What information should I expect to receive?
A. You can expect to receive the information that is of most importance to you. Of course, you always have easy access to your Wolfe Solutions accounting team and your financial accounting records. Typically, we set up a time to review your monthly reporting pack, which includes your balance sheet, income statements, and region, classes, and job cost tracking. If you have questions outside of those scheduled meetings, you just let us know. When tax season rolls around, your financial data is ready to send to your tax preparer without the stress, thumbing through a year’s worth of back data, and lost time you probably dread.
Q. Do I have to track you down for answers and follow up on items?
A. Never! If you do, we aren’t doing our job. You have more pressing matters than watching your accounting entries process or chasing us down for answers. But, we understand there are emergencies and questions that you need addressed immediately. That’s what we’re here for! We do our best to respond to your questions the same day we receive them so that you can focus on your business, not how we are handling your business.
Q. Does Wolfe Solutions provide audit and tax services?
A. Depending on your needs, our services are comprehensive and include all statutory federal and state tax filings through our affiliate firm. We do not perform audits, reviews, or provide opinions on your financial statements or surrounding controls. However, auditors love us! We are organized and know what it takes to get through an audit. We’ve been through at least 500 audits already, learning quite a bit along the way. We’d love to share our expertise with you.
Q. Can I keep my current tax relationship?
A. Absolutely! That’s an important relationship to any business owner. We will be glad to provide information to your tax accountant and, with your permission, grant them access to your accounting software.
CFO Solutions
Q. Are you as expensive to engage as hiring a full time CFO would be?
A. No. You only engage us when you need us, so there’s no wasted time or overhead. Our highly experienced and professional team is available when you need a CFO or access to a CFO to fill the gap for executive level services. Consulting fees range from $75-$350 per hour, and you set the hours. We can also work on a flat retainer fee, if that fits your needs better. It’s the best of all worlds; you get the business guidance and benefits of a highly trained CFO without needing to hire one full time if your company doesn’t require it.
Q. What part of the CFO role do you play as a consultant?
A. Our professional guidance is tailored to what your company needs. Some examples of ways you might engage us include: financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting models, audit preparation, Sarbanes Oxley risk assessment and implementation, due diligence, asset sale transaction, sourcing capital requirements, and offering strategic direction and relationship management.