BWolfe Suit

Bryan M. Wolfe – CEO/Owner

The driving force behind Wolfe Solutions, Bryan Wolfe lends his name and his passion for accounting as the chief collaborator, motivator of embracing technology, and streamliner of processes that makes clients’ businesses operate more efficiently.
As a CPA since 2000 and with years of experience at Arthur Andersen, Bryan has successfully navigated projects and clients of all sizes; from auditing large, public companies and preparing SEC filings to serving as the VP of Finance for a national retail parking company, creating accounting departments and business processes from scratch, and working internationally to set up local offices. The cumulative experience led him to understand that there is a much better way to approach accounting and CFO solutions. Leveraging technology for real time, web-based access so that companies can maximize efforts, reduce unnecessary headcount, and make sound business decisions, Bryan Wolfe is Wolfe Solutions, technology-driven results for any business.
In his free time, Bryan is found having fun with his spitfire daughter building anything and introducing her to soccer and on the diamond, coaching his son’s baseball team and trying to teach the kids that not all pitches in life are down the middle.